The ceremony is the heart of your wedding day. You are standing in front of your most favourite people committing yourselves to each other and celebrating your love. No two relationships are the same, nor should any two ceremonies be.


Whether you know exactly what you want in your ceremony or have no idea what a wedding entails, I am here to work with you in making sure your big day is everything you dreamed of and more! The styles of ceremonies are limitless! 


The question I get asked the most by guests after a wedding is if I’m a friend of the couple, followed then by “really? Because it just seemed like you knew them!”


That’s the highest compliment I could receive. I really love getting to know couples and really capturing their personality and vibe.



Love should be celebrated whether legally or not. If an official wedding is not your style than a commitment ceremony is ideal. 


As a commitment ceremony does not entail any required legal wording or format, absolutely anything is possible. Love is remarkable and personal which is exactly what your ceremony should be. This can be done either in a grand celebration or one more intimate. With my experience and resources, I will guide you in creating your perfect ceremony.





A little person that you have created has come into the world. It makes sense to celebrate this new life and officially introduce your baby to family and friends. An increasingly popular way to welcome your little bundle of joy is a naming day.


A naming day is also a great way to celebrate the introduction of a stepchild or adopted child into your family.


Your child will be surrounded by love, not just by you, but also grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings and other family and friends. Not only does a naming day enable you to show off your adorable child but it also allows those closest to express their love.





When you first married you did so with an expansive journey before you. With hard work, life experience and commitment, the highs and lows built up to create the tapestry that is your relationship.


Renewing your vows enables you to reaffirm the love you both share that has lasted throughout the hard times and flourished in the good times. It is a chance to openly thank your partner for the memories you have created with each other and to express your excitement about your future and the continuation of your journey together.






All ceremonies include:

  • Initial advice and run through on what you can expect

  • Unlimited contact and support via email and phone

  • Creating your personalised ceremony

  • Performing your ceremony on the day

  • Provision of a PA system with the ability to play your ceremony music


Wedding ceremony specific inclusions:


  • Provision of all required documents

  • Assistance and guidance in completing all legal documents

  • Finalising and lodging all legal documents

  • Comprehensive Vow Guide

  • Comprehensive Rehearsal Guide

  • Comprehensive Change of name Guide


Weddings • $1020*


Commitments and Renewals • $950*



Naming Days • $650*


*Travel fees may incur outside of Brisbane


Let's talk weddings! 

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